america’s best comfort foods

In January, Travel + Leisure pitched a new slideshow that was perfect for the cold and dreary winter months — America’s Best Comfort Foods. I culled all of the art for the feature, which ranged from Fried Chicken with Waffles in Maryland to Chili in Seattle to Mac ‘n Cheese in Detroit. However one of the best comfort foods is also home to New York City, so I headed down to Jacques Torres on Hudson Street near SoHo to snap a few images of their perfect (and still warm) Chocolate Chip Cookies. After admiring and photographing the gooey cookies stacked into columns larger than my head, I did get to take one back with me after the shoot. And I must say, it did make me feel like I was right at home. Below are two more images of Jacques Torres’ specialty:


Food & Wine's America's Best Comfort Foods Feature, which I produced and shot for, on the Yahoo! homepage.
Food & Wine’s America’s Best Comfort Foods Feature, which I produced and shot for, on the Yahoo! homepage.

the buff: serving boulder’s best breakfast

My breakfast at The Buff last summer, as seen in my article on Travel + Leisure’s editors’ blog, Carry On.

On a recent trip to Boulder, a local friend asked that all-important brunch question: Was I was looking for local, light dishes—or a more traditional hearty breakfast? I chose the latter and ended up having a delicious (if indulgent) meal.

Dorsey and I enjoying the exact same meal. It was that good.

The Buff is a cozy space on 28th Street, with booths ready to house the weekend crowd and accommodating servers happy to swap out side dishes. The menu is sprawling: gooey pecan caramel quesadillas, a variety of homestead skillets, and the famed Saddlebags (pancakes stuffed with diced meat and topped with two eggs—seriously). The Two Step (blueberry griddle cakes, eggs, potatoes, and bacon, shown above) is perfect for those mornings when a big breakfast is essential to bouncing back from the night before. Or, you can always go the traditional route with the eggs benedict. For 99¢, add a Bloody Mary or Mimosa to your entrée.

Originally known as the Golden Buff Grill, the Buff was purchased by the current owners, Christopher Meyer and Jacquelyn Sproul, in 1995. Ever since, they’ve been dishing out stellar meals, many of which include gluten-free options. Their philosophy is based on a “genuine desire to please the people who walk in the door” and revolves around fresh produce, a hot grill, and a welcoming atmosphere.

They may serve more than just bacon, eggs, and pancakes, but there’s one indication that breakfast is the Buff’s true passion: this joint is only open until 2 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

Andie Diemer is an online photo assistant at Travel + Leisure.

Photo courtesy of the author.

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