Students lead impromptu parade to honor Obama victory

n-mobbwby Andie Diemer
Nov. 4, 2008

Shortly after Sen. Barack Obama was confirmed as America’s next president, hundreds of students rallied around Elon, snaking through campus and picking up more students along the way.

As rain poured down, the mob filled the air with chants of “Obama!” “USA!” and “Change is here!” Obama-Biden signs were thrust in the air as others made O’s with their arms above their heads.

Sophomores Sarah Small and Meg D’Albora were watching the election results inside their dorm, Barney, when they heard the crowd outside.

They followed the noise and joined the group as they made their way from North to South campus, but drew back from the pack.

“We were with them earlier and they went crazy,” Small said.

“We’re wearing flip flops,” D’Albora said.

Chuck Gantos, director of campus safety and police, said he did not assign any more patrols on campus aside from the regular two security officers and two police officers.

They combed campus on foot and on T3.

As the mass of students circled campus, Campus Safety and Police Officer Sean Watkins was on patrol and said they were not planning on taking any action with the group.

“As long as they don’t damage no property we’re fine with it,” he said.

The parade culminated at Young Commons in a large “O” and sang the national anthem. The after rushing the middle, the group said “The Lord’s Prayer.”

“It was like nothing I’d ever seen before,” freshman Adam Lawson said.

Small and D’Albora continued on their way, following slowly from behind the other students sprinting across campus.

But as they mob continued to circle around once again and headed back toward Small and D’Albora, it became clear to them what they wanted to do.

“Come on, let’s go join them,” Small said.

Elon University Senior Joy Baxter followed the election coverage from 8 p.m. until McCain delivered his concession speech.

Elon University students flooded campus, starting at a dorm on the north side of campus and circling the entire perimeter until they returned.

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