odds & ends

three short shouts about three different shoots:

one: During my senior year of college I was asked to participate in a research trip to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to track trends and forecasts for the future of the Internet at the United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum. I went as a student researcher with Imagining the Internet and enjoyed a week in a beachy paradise located on the Sinai Peninsula and jutting out into the Red Sea. I can easily remember the beautiful swim I took in the Red Sea. And I also remember how I felt when I saw Sharm on the shoot list for this: Worst Beaches for Shark Attacks. Sharm’s No. 8.

two: American Express Publishing Corporation, the parent of Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, is also the owner of few other titles, including Departures. Departures is a luxury lifestyle publication only available to American Express Black Card members. A few weeks ago they started the post-production process to expand a story from the July/August issue about Great American Heritage Brands. Not every brand in the print story had a corresponding photo tied to it for the slideshow, so we conducted image research on a few places. Luckily J.Press is located in New York City, so I was able to walk a few blocks from work and shoot it for the feature. It was my birthday, so it was a nice treat to get out of the office and have a chance to create.

three: Last July I bought tickets to go all the way up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, which had a two month waiting period. Even though it is a drag to basically go through airport-style security to even get on the boat to Ellis or Liberty Island, once you are on the boat you are free to shoot anything. I snapped some really picturesque shots during the ferry ride over and had a truly unique perspective once I was taking photos through the glass panels of Lady Liberty’s crown (which only 30 people per hour are allowed to experience). When it was announced that the Statue of Liberty would be closing for renovation this fall, our editors wanted to get a story live quickly. The photographs I took on that long-anticipated day trip sure came in handy. Check it out:

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