world’s most-visited tourist attractions

One of my friends at Travel + Leisure, Lyndsey Matthews, had the task of researching and crunching tons of numbers to compile T+L’s list on the World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions. While she was completely inundated with trying to sort out various figures, dates and math (!), I started rounding up images of the venues on my end. Since her research was continuously in progress, that meant that the photographs we needed to accompany the text were always in limbo. Finally all 50 top attractions were nailed down, with No. 1 coming in for Times Square, New York, New York. Times Square is conveniently located one block away from our office, so I popped down there to take some shots of the tourist trap (and probably looked like a tourist while shooting myself), and landed on the front page of Travel + Leisure. The story was also picked up by The BBC, Yahoo! and quite a few personal blogs.

World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions, a Travel + Leisure original on Yahoo!

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