the resistance


Episode 1: Should We Give Trump a Chance?

Episode 2: No, This is Not Normal Pre-Presidential Behavior

Episode 3: Trump’s War on the Media Has Now Begun

Episode 4: The Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Rid of Trump

Episode 5: Keith Olbermann on Why Trump Is Not Fit to Be President

Episode 6: Can Trump Possibly Believe What He’s Saying?

Episode 7: Now “Government-Backed Attackers” Are Coming for Me? 

Episode 8: Trump is Steering Us Toward International Disaster

Episode 9: Trump May Have Just Thrown the U.S. Economy into the Toilet

Episode 10: Let’s Take a Look at Trump’s Cabinet of Villains

Episode 11: Is There a Russian Coup Underway in America?

Episode 12: The Grave Danger of Trump’s Intelligence Failure

Episode 13: Alexander Hamilton’s Plan to Keep Trump From the White House

Episode 14: So What Are We Supposed to Do Now?

Episode 15: How Our New Corporate Overlords Plan to Thrive

Episode 16: What Did Trump Know? (And When Did He Stop Knowing It?)

Episode 17: Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You

Episode 18: This Russian Obsession Shows How Trump Will Be Undone

Episode 19: Here’s Why Trump Won’t Hold Press Conferences

Episode 20: Can Donald Trump Confront America’s Gun Crisis?

Episode 21: Donald Trump Has Some Colorful Friends

Episode 22: The One Crucial Question Trump Refuses to Answer

Episode 23: Trump’s Devious Plan to Destroy the White House Press Corps

Episode 24: Boycott the Inauguration

Episode 25: A Plea to Trump Fans: This Man is Dangerous

Episode 26: How the Media Needs to Respond to Trump Now

Episode 27: An Apology

Episode 28: Trump is Aiding the Enemy

Episode 29: The 50 Craziest Things Trump Has Done As President

Episode 30: The Travesties Done in Your Name and Mine

Episode 31: Life in Trump’s America Just Got Worse for Your Pet

Episode 32: Michael Flynn Must Now Be Arrested

Episode 33: Trump is Beyond Reckless With Our National Security

Episode 34: The Enormous Cost of Trump’s War on Immigrants

Episode 35: Is The Trump White House High?

Episode 36: The Mistake Trump Can’t Ever Walk Back

Episode 37: The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump’s Presidency

Episode 38: Trump Must Go

Episode 39: It’s Time for a Grand Jury on Trump and Russia

Episode 40: Let’s Be Honest: Trump’s Banning Muslims and Purging Hispanics

Episode 41: Why Trump is Refusing to Confront Reality

Episode 42: The Russian Developments That Matter Most

Episode 43: The Crisis of Trump’s Conspiracy Theories

Episode 44: Trump’s Amazing Speech Sure Didn’t Age Well

Episode 45: Gutting Health Care Will Kill Americans

Episode 46: Russia! Russia! Russia!

Episode 47: Trump Can’t Even Watch TV Correctly

Episode 48: The Most Telling Thing About the FBI’s Probe into Trump

Episode 49: The Only True Surprise? Trump’s an Idiot

Episode 50: The Truth Of Trump’s “I Alone Can Fix It” Canard

Episode 51: Which of Trump’s Cronies Will Flip on Him First?

Episode 52: Here’s How This Will End for Trump

Episode 53: Could Trump Pass a Sanity Test?

Episode 54: Trump is Panicking About Russia

Episode 55: Do Authorities Now Have What They Need on Trump?

Episode 56: So, You Wanna Have a New Election?

Episode 57: The Media Fell for Trump’s Syria Stunt

Episode 58: A Heartfelt Message to Our President

Episode 59: Is There an Actual Tape of Trump’s Russia Collusion?

Episode 60: Proof that Trump is Getting Crazier

Episode 61: Trump Wants to Ride in a Gilded Coach?!

Episode 62: Bill O’Reilly’s Downfall (And Trump’s, Too?)

Episode 63: It Sure Looks Like a Russian Cover-Up

Episode 64: What Would Trump’s Immigrant Ancestors Say?

Episode 65: Trump’s First 100 Days. And What Has He Done?

Episode 66: Trump’s New War on Free Speech

Episode 67: Trump is Panicking Again About Russia

Episode 68: Why Won’t the Press Ask Trump Anything?

Episode 69: The Shame and Cruelty of the GOP

Episode 70: Is a Grand Jury Now Looking into Trump?

Episode 71: Sally Yates is an American Hero

Episode 72: On Russia, Let’s Follow the Money

Episode 73: You Can’t Fire the Person Investigating You

Episode 74: We Need the Help of Intel Agencies Around the World

Episode 75: Here’s How Trump Could Already Be Prosecuted

Episode 76: What’s Happening in Trump’s Head?

Episode 77: This is How Low the Trump Apologists Will Stoop

Episode 78: So, What About Those Oval Office Tapes?

Episode 79: 40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia

Episode 80: Shouldn’t Jared Kushner Be Arrested?

Episode 81: Has Michael Flynn Already Flipped on Trump?

Episode 82: The GOP Must Take Responsibility for Trump

Episode 83: If He Were Doing Any Other Job, Donald Trump Would Have Been Fired by Now

Episode 84: Did Trump Himself Meet With the Russian Ambassador?

Episode 85: What We Now Know From James Comey

Episode 86: Wait Now, What’s This About “Hookers”?

Episode 87: Trump Appears to Be Self-Destructing

Episode 88: So, Does Trump Have Tapes of Comey?

Episode 89: What if Trump Actually Fires Mueller?

Episode 90: The Amazing New Trump Defense

Episode 91: Why Are We Appeasing Trump?

Episode 92: Trump Will Not Be Cleared

Episode 93: Guess What Else Happened on 6/9/16

Episode 94: Two Trumps Confess to Conspiracy

Episode 95: The True Evil of Russia’s Cyber War on America

Episode 96:Have We Got Enough to Impeach Trump Already?

Episode 97: A Timeline of Treason

Episode 98: The Media Must Fight Back

Episode 99: Case Closed. Collusion Has Been Proven

Episode 100: The Republicans Are Bailing on Trump

Episode 101: The Timeline In the Case Against Trump

Episode 102: Down Goes the Mooch!

Episode 103: Why is Trump Reminding Us of the Pee Pee Tape?

Episode 104: Trump’s Threats Are Getting Out of Control

Episode 105: We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation

Episode 106: Trump And Charlottesville: Too Little, Too Late

Episode 107: More Moral Than Trump: The Red Wings and the Torch Maker

Episode 108: Still Making Excuses for Trump?

Episode 109: What Happened to Trump’s Beef With North Korea?

Episode 110: The Trump Resignation End-Game?

Episode 111: Who’s Backing Away From Trump? Everyone.

Episode 112: For Whom Has Trump Made America Great?

Episode 113: What Trump’s Trip to Texas Revealed

Episode 114: Would Impeaching Trump Truly Lead to Civil War?

Episode 115: Could Trump Try to Pardon… Everyone?

Episode 116: Trump’s DACA Decision is a Grim Turning Point

Episode 117: Why We Must Talk About Trump’s Mental Health

Episode 118: Trump Will Soon Be the Ex-POTUS

Episode 119: How Did Trump Remember 9/11?

Episode 120: Mueller is Zeroing in on Trump’s Cover Up

Episode 121: The Media Doesn’t Understand What Trump is Doing

Episode 122: It’s Now Dawned on Trump: People Hate Him

Episode 123: Trump, Russia, and the Facebook Factor

Episode 124: Why Trump is Always (Always!) the Victim

Episode 125: We Will Not Stand for Trump

Episode 126: Trump is Destroying Puerto Rico

Episode 127: How the Pittsburgh Penguins Became Trump’s Political Pawns

Episode 128: Trump’s Nine Russia Scandals

Episode 129: Trump’s “Condolences and Sympathies” Won’t Cut It

Episode 130: Trump is Not Planning to Rebuild Puerto Rico

Episode 131: The Roots of Trump’s Prejudice

Episode 132: The Truth About Pence’s Despicable NFL Stunt

Episode 133: What Mike Pence’s Cynical Anthem Stunt Cost

Episode 134: Is Mueller Trying to Stop Trump From Pardoning People?

Episode 135: Donald Trump is the Weinstein of Washington

Episode 136: Donald Trump is F*cking Crazy.

Episode 137: Why Did Paul Manafort Need to Get to Trump?

Episode 138: John Kelly and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Must Resign

Episode 139: Is Donald Trump Paying Hush Money?

Episode 140: How Trump Manipulates America With Twitter

Episode 141: We Have Indictments! Has Christmas Come Early?

Episode 142: Did Trump Spot the Indictment’s Most Damning Phrase?

Episode 143: Is This the End… of Trump’s Sanity?

Episode 144: Trump is Lying About Russia

Episode 145: Guess Who Celebrated Election Night With Trump

Episode 146: The Trump Voters Who’ve Had Enough

Episode 147: Trump is Finished


The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

art direction, photo research, graphics, retouching: Andie Diemer

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