Mental Health Package


A Starter Guide to Becoming Mentally Healthier, GQ’s 18-part series (including a breathing exercise, expert interviews + tips, and crowd-sourced video) to help our audience feel those feelings.

mental-health-gq-fighting-winter-blues.gifA Guide to Staving Off Seasonal Affective Disorder

mental-health-anxiety-gq.gifHow Much Anxiety Is Normal?

mental-health-gq-minister-of-loneliness.gifWhy Men Are Lonely, According to the U.K.’s Minister for Loneliness

art director: Meg Vázquez
illustrators: Max Löffler, Alicia Tatone
photo illustrator: Camila Pérez
animators: Shakeil Greeley, Linda Shirar

photographed, produced in studio + project managed: Andie Diemer

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