October 2014 Martha Stewart Living

photographer: Shawn Records

assigned + produced on location in Portland, OR: Andie Diemer



September 2014 Martha Stewart Living

photographer: Ngoc Minh Ngo
garden editor: Melissa Ozawa

assigned + produced on location at High Meadow Farm in Mount Kisco, NY: Andie Diemer



May 2014 Martha Stewart Living

photographers: Peden + Munk
garden editor: Melissa Ozawa

assigned + produced on location at Frances Palmer’s Garden in Connecticut: Andie Diemer


2013 Martha Stewart American Made Award Winners Portfolio

November 2013 Martha Stewart Living
2013 American Made Summit at Grand Central Terminal

Shinola in Detroit, MI
photographer: Randy Harris
assigned + produced on location + edited: Andie Diemer



Back to the Roots in Oakland, CA

photographer: Kyle Johnson
assigned + produced on location + edited: Andie Diemer134_AmericanMade_L1113WELCFR-6

world’s most-visited tourist attractions

One of my friends at Travel + Leisure, Lyndsey Matthews, had the task of researching and crunching tons of numbers to compile T+L’s list on the World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions. While she was completely inundated with trying to sort out various figures, dates and math (!), I started rounding up images of the venues on my end. Since her research was continuously in progress, that meant that the photographs we needed to accompany the text were always in limbo. Finally all 50 top attractions were nailed down, with No. 1 coming in for Times Square, New York, New York. Times Square is conveniently located one block away from our office, so I popped down there to take some shots of the tourist trap (and probably looked like a tourist while shooting myself), and landed on the front page of Travel + Leisure. The story was also picked up by The BBC, Yahoo! and quite a few personal blogs.

World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions, a Travel + Leisure original on Yahoo!

and the beat goes on

Here are a few examples of my work popping up across an assortment of websites, including the homepages of Yahoo!, MSNBC, BBC, The Today Show, Huff Post Food and The Daily Meal:

America’s Best Cities for Ice Cream — Food & Wine Original on MSNBC.
America’s Most Attractive People — Travel + Leisure Original on Yahoo!
America’s Best Cities for Ice Cream — Food & Wine Original on Huff Post Food:
America’s Best Cities for Ice Cream — Food & Wine Original on The Today Show’s website.
Best Grilled Cheese in the U.S. — Food & Wine Original on TODAY’s and MSNBC’s website.
America’s Best Cities for Ice Cream — Food & Wine Original on Yahoo!
North America’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions — Travel + Leisure Original on BBC.
America’s Best Cities for Ice Cream — Food & Wine Original on The Daily Meal.
America's Best Cities for Ice Cream — Food & Wine Original on The Daily Meal:
Most Outrageous State Fair Foods — Food & Wine Original on Yahoo! Homepage:

Photographer: Andie Diemer

odds & ends

three short shouts about three different shoots:

one: During my senior year of college I was asked to participate in a research trip to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to track trends and forecasts for the future of the Internet at the United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum. I went as a student researcher with Imagining the Internet and enjoyed a week in a beachy paradise located on the Sinai Peninsula and jutting out into the Red Sea. I can easily remember the beautiful swim I took in the Red Sea. And I also remember how I felt when I saw Sharm on the shoot list for this: Worst Beaches for Shark Attacks. Sharm’s No. 8.

two: American Express Publishing Corporation, the parent of Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, is also the owner of few other titles, including Departures. Departures is a luxury lifestyle publication only available to American Express Black Card members. A few weeks ago they started the post-production process to expand a story from the July/August issue about Great American Heritage Brands. Not every brand in the print story had a corresponding photo tied to it for the slideshow, so we conducted image research on a few places. Luckily J.Press is located in New York City, so I was able to walk a few blocks from work and shoot it for the feature. It was my birthday, so it was a nice treat to get out of the office and have a chance to create.

three: Last July I bought tickets to go all the way up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, which had a two month waiting period. Even though it is a drag to basically go through airport-style security to even get on the boat to Ellis or Liberty Island, once you are on the boat you are free to shoot anything. I snapped some really picturesque shots during the ferry ride over and had a truly unique perspective once I was taking photos through the glass panels of Lady Liberty’s crown (which only 30 people per hour are allowed to experience). When it was announced that the Statue of Liberty would be closing for renovation this fall, our editors wanted to get a story live quickly. The photographs I took on that long-anticipated day trip sure came in handy. Check it out:

world’s hottest rooftop restaurants

In May I was assigned to travel to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn to shoot Alma Restaurant for Travel + Leisure’s online package featuring the World’s Hottest Rooftop Restaurants.

Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to dine at Alma, it is definitely on my New York City bucket list. I met with one of the co-owners during the afternoon, who was extremely nice and opened up the restaurant early so I could shoot. With a background that almost looks fake from the cozy comfort that the owners have built from scratch, Alma definitely looks like it would be up my ally. The pollo fajitas and cucumber margaritas don’t seem to hurt either. Below are a few more sneak peaks from the shoot that didn’t make it to

The roof is covered, so whether sun or rain Alma is open for business.
The roof is covered, so whether sun or rain Alma is open for business.
Busting the roof open early for the T+L shoot.
Busting the roof open early for the T+L shoot.
Manhattan and ship yard reflection.
Manhattan and ship yard reflection.

Update July 19th:

I finally visited Alma! Had a beautiful birthday dinner there with a fresh watermelon margarita and Poblano Relleno con Picadillo de Puerco. I also discovered that the image I took for Travel + Leisure’s feature on them is the main image on Alma’s press page on their website: